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Long entrenched in the rich history and culture of China, Feng Shui has recently been gaining in understanding and practice throughout the world. For thousands of years, Chinese scholars studied the complex relationships between man and nature. They understood the importance and influence of one’s surroundings on all areas of life and documented their findings on these influences.

One of the areas of study on which Feng Shui is based is the field of Bazi or the Five Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Gold and Wood). Every person’s nature can be described from the relationship of their elements.

In Feng Shui and Bazi theory, by being close to items or engaging in activities associated with certain elements, it is possible to correct imbalances in ones elements, helping them achieve balance, harmony, wealth, love and friendship. Each element is linked to a range of colors so by wearing jewelry of that range of colors, it is possible to help achieve that balance.

At Best Elements Jewelry, our goal is to help people to understand Bazi, Feng Shui and his or her five elements. We offer a basic five elements reading, identifying the elements and associated colors which can help balance them. We sell a great array of jewelry, uniquely organized by Feng Shui element. Check out our Youtube and other Social Media pages for more information on Bazi and Feng Shui.